My Awesome Inspiration!

Hello everyone and welcome to my Blog. I want to start this blog with a picture of my inspiration to start this blog. That is a picture of my mom and I and my Aunts and Cousins from Colorado. The girls next to me in the stripes is my sole inspiration for this blog. She has her own blog that I absolutely love reading. I love to cook and make special treats for my family and I have lots of friends that always ask about how to make them and I figured this is a good way to show them. I also love doing a lot of DIY projects at home and I thought I could share those with you as well. I am going to make my first post tomorrow. I have some great friends and their families coming over for dinner so I will post our festivities tomorrow for you all. I hope you stick around and enjoy my blog! See you all soon šŸ™‚

Xoxo Meeechele