So I am a total amateur when it comes to baking but I’m even more inexperienced when it comes to decorating so I asked my amazing friend Tam over to give me a tutorial. She does so many awesome things for holidays and birthdays. Her niece and nephews always have the coolest cakes and cupcakes! When she arrives with a toolbox like box full of all her decorating tools I was in awe!!

A couple days before we did this I went and bought a magazine at the grocery store randomly while we were shopping. It not only has all these cool cake ideas but it also has recipes for different cakes and frosting to make from scratch. I’ll never buy a box mix again!!




When we first started decorating we hit a little snag with our frosting. It was coming out to creamy and when decorating you need it to be pretty thick. So thanks to the wonderful google Tam jumped on her phone and found out that you can add powdered sugar to a frosting mix to make it a little thicker.


I didn’t take a picture of our practice cake because I forgot too but to paint a picture for you it was a white frosted cake and we had practiced decorating it with teal and purple frosting. Because it was so thin and we hasn’t fixed the consistency yet it looked a lot like a dr. Seuss cake. But after we got the frosting where we wanted it Tam fixed the cake right up and even have it some “Blog” rights!!


I fixed up a fresh cake and practiced some lettering.


I thank you Tam for all your help. You really did teach me a lot. The kids and Kevin thank you too. I’ll be making a lot more treats for them 🙂