So we hung out by the pool and had friends over for BBQ on Friday. We had a basic hot dog and bratwurst barbecue but I thought I would share our pasta salad I make that our friend Nate had shared with us a while back. It was something that made kevin and I happy because we are very picky eaters.


Ingredients are:

1/2 box of medium shell pasta
1/2 box of penne pasta
1/2 box of rotini pasta
1 packet of ranch seasoning
I bottle of ranch dressing
2 cucumbers
1 container of grape or cherry tomatoes

First thing you wanna do is cook your pasta. Boil water, add pasta to boiling water and cook for a few minutes until past is nice and plump and soft. I add a little salt to the pasta and water so they don’t stick together.

While your pasta is cooking you can start the veggies.
Peek the skin off of the cucumbers then slice them. After sliced cut them down again by cutting slices in 4’s.
then take your cherry or grape tomatoes and simply cut them in half.

After your pasta is done. Drain them from the water. Place the pasta in a bowl and let them cool down for a minute.
When your pasta is cool add the bottle of ranch dressing and packet of ranch seasoning to them. Mix it all together. After mixed add your cucumbers and tomatoes. Stir everything so it’s nice and even and then just stuck a serving spoon in It and place on table! Voila!!!

So easy and simple even your picky guests or your picky self as I am will totally enjoy it. Thanks Nate for this awesome recipe that will be added to my collection forever! You have created a monster!!