So it’s been a while since I blogged or even was able to make a full meal for my family. Summer has been really busy for us and with Our work schedules quick meals have been the key. And they haven’t been anything special or worth blogging over but last night after a long day I was able to let my family sit back and relax while I made them not only dinner but an appetizer too. So lets get started.

First we will get into the appetizer. Bruschetta is my favorite. I haven’t made it in a very long time. So long that my boyfriend of 4 1/2 years hasn’t tried my bruschetta yet.

So first here is a pic of the ingredients.


4 decent size tomatoes

I tbsp minced garlic (3 cloves if you like to mince your own. I buy already minced garlic.

Handful of chopped basil

1 tbsp of extra Virginia olive oil

1 tsp balsamic vinegar

1/4 cup of olive oil

Salt and pepper

1 French baguette

First lets start off by cutting our tomatoes and basil leaves. You want your tomatoes to be chopped. After you have chopped them put them into a medium size bowl.


Now we are going to add our minced garlic.


Then you can add your extra Virginia Olive oil, your balsamic vinegar, regular olive oil, and basil leaves.


Now that everything is in the bowl sprinkle some salt and pepper to your liking. Stir everything together so it’s all coated and even. Now drain the juice from the mixture into a smaller container.


Now take your baguette and slice it up.


Next take your bread an lay them out onto a cookie sheet. Next take a pastry brush and brush our oil and vinegar mixture we set aside onto the bread.


Now flip over all your pieces of need so the spread is face down on the sheet. Then throw them in the too rack of your oven at 450 degrees for 5 min just to get them toasted.


Now when you remove your bread they should look like this.


So now all you have to do is spoon the tomato mixture onto your toasted baguettes and enjoy. Voila!!